Shine Creative is a small and specialized studio focusing on Graphic & Web Design in Ottawa. I understand the power of story telling and approach each project with a process centred around identifying your unique qualities to develop communication plans and pieces for your business or campaign. A personalized and one-on-one experience ensures your ideas never get lost in translation and your end-products exceed expectations.

 Featured Work

 Working Together

My goal is to work with you to create a brand, marketing piece or website that shines bright and tells a unique story, connecting a targeted audience to your values and ideas. Just like people, projects evolve and it's only by expanding and exploring options that we are able to shape the best possible design solutions. Here are just a few of those solutions I can help you with.

Print Design

Print is one of the most intimate ways to communicate, giving each piece a genuine & personal touch, while leaving a lasting impression. Stationary, annual reports, book covers or beautiful packaging - you can make it matter by telling your story.

Web Design

We’ll craft a unique layout that complements your sales process and takes user navigation habits into consideration. The best part? Your website will look pixel perfect from laptop to mobile and function flawlessly no matter what device your prospects are checking you out on.


 A strong brand creates a feeling of trust with a potential client and makes it easy to identify with your company. Crafting a strong visual language that conveys what you stand for is not only creating an identity, but shaping your brand.


Let's get Started.


You've got to start somewhere, so let's get the ball rolling. We look forward to working with you to create a shiny brand or unique home on the web, helping you stand out among your competitors.




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